Utilizing Technology

Delivering Solutions

Elizabeth H. Scherer Attorney At Law, LLC utilizes technology for accelerating service, reducing costs and sharing knowledge. Our substantial investment in technology allows us to service our clients’ needs faster, more accurately, and more efficiently. Elizabeth H. Scherer Attorney At Law, LLC continually invests in its law firm technology. We listen to our clients in order to better understand their legal and business needs and deliver the right solutions at the right cost.

Our attorneys utilize laptop computers with wireless remote access and portable telephone extension capabilities. Attorneys also carry BlackBerrys for additional connectivity. Whether our attorneys are in offices, hotels, airports or their homes, they have direct access to the firm’s email, document, and case management systems. By providing remote network accessibility for our attorneys, and in some instances to our clients, and by providing a reliable and secure technology infrastructure, Elizabeth H. Scherer Attorney At Law, LLC has rendered geographic separation, both nationally and internationally, virtually meaningless in providing client services.

Elizabeth H. Scherer Attorney At Law, LLC utilizes the latest document and case management software, which aggressively serves the interests of our clients. The firm’s document and case management systems allow us immediate and efficient access to attorney work and electronic case files. Our firm’s telephone system allows attorneys and clients to communicate seamlessly via voicemail, call forwarding, and in many instances, forwards directly into attorney’s BlackBerrys and homes.

We utilize a variety of hardware and software technologies in our practice:

Document Storage and Management

All information is managed and stored electronically in Worldox, considered the standard in document management. We implemented Worldox to provide us the ability to scan all case related papers and return originals to the client while providing for document retention and compliance. This prevents document misplacement and/or loss, assures document privacy, and increases our efficiency in retrieving information we need, at the moment we need it.

Document Production

Whenever possible and permissible, we produce electronic documents rather than paper documents. Before distribution we secure the documents by encrypting them in Adobe PDF format and keep a copy on our server using Worldox.

Case Management Software

Our firm uses Amicus Attorney (Premium) for practice management. We Implemented Amicus Attorney to manage all aspects of our practice including files, contracts, calendaring, time tracking, email, phone calls, tasks and research documents. Amicus Attorney eliminates duplicated effort and lost time and manages all our communications, whether phone calls or email, by maintaining a history of all communication and completed tasks within the client file.

Accounting and Billing Software

Our law firm implemented Amicus Accounting, a complete time, billing, and accounting program. This allows us to automatically track time and generate client bills electronically. Additionally it administers client’s funds in the firm’s trust account (IOLTA).

Email Storage and Management

Both Worldox and Amicus Attorney assures us secure and permanent email storage. This provides easy access to email messages and attachments transmitted between us and our clients.

Data Backup

Our data is keep safe and secure with offsite backup through Mozy. We implemented Mozy for offsite backup because it allows us maximum data security, scheduled automatic backups, and immediate data restore capability in the case of data loss.